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Smile Design in Lima
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What are Smile Design?


Digital smile design(dsd)
DSD, is based upon the analysis of the patients facial and dental proportions, utilizing a predetermined series of high quality digital photographs and videos understanding the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion.

All this is done with a software in a computer, obtaining predictable results in esthetics.

Smile Design means designing any changes that you would like to make to your smile, the effect of which would be to improve your self-confidence and lifestyle.

This can involve filling of gaps left by missing teeth, improving the shape of your teeth, changing the position of your teeth and improving the appearance of your teeth.

Sometimes the changes can be very small in functional terms and yet have a profound effect on your appearance.

In the everyday language, the term ‘smile design’ is often used as the synonym of a dental treatment with esthetic purposes. For this procedure The dentist should consider the opinion of the patient. In most cases, the instructions, taste and style of the patient all contribute to the creation of a truly harmonious smile.

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